Top 10 Natural Body Care Recipes ANYONE Can Make

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top-ten-natural-body-care-recipesWe share lots of recipes and tutorials for making your own body care products on the Herbs & Oils World blog – but I know that some of them are too difficult to make or require too many hard to find ingredients…

One of my greatest joys is showing people how easy it is to make natural body care products at home.

I think many are under the impression that is is complicated or time consuming to create personal care products; but it’s not! (Well, it could be, I suppose. But we won’t try those recipes).

Below are 10 easy (and natural) body care products anyone can make. Most of these can be made in less time than it would take to prepare dinner for your family! There’s not much involved beyond measuring and pouring.

You can do it!

Most of my supplies are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. But amazon carries a lot of stuff, like beeswax, cocoa butter, and lip balm tubes.

10 Easy (and Natural) Body Care Products Anyone Can Make!

Lotion bars – simple melting and pouring (and they smell delicious, too)

Lavender salve – a favorite among my friends. I’ve had many requests for refills on this

Body oil – make this one in five minutes or less!

Perfume sticks – an all-natural way to smell great.

Lemon-lime sugar scrub – a refreshing and uplifting scrub to take away the blues

Hand lotion – a nourishing cream for dry skin

Leave in conditioner – very simple, only two ingredients and works better than store-bought.

Oatmeal cookie bath – Another quick one; just throw all the ingredients in the food processor and you’re done.

Vapo rub – a perfect gift during the winter months when the coughs and sniffles are prevalent.

Bath bags – soak away stress with these herb-filled bags


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Health, Food, Nutrition, Natural Body Care

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