Biggest Myths about Soft Drinks – Busted !

Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks

How often do you consume soft drinks ? If they are regularly found on your menu, then you’ve probably heard some advice about their consumption, but most of those advice are not true .

Recent studies have busted the biggest myths associated with consumption of soft drinks.

Diet Soft Drinks are better than normal ones

We know that diet soft drinks do not contain sugar, but it does not mean they are healthy. These drinks contain artificial sweeteners that do not work well in the human body, and are especially bad for our metabolism. In summary, diet sodas will not get you sick, but you will not have any health benefits too.

Soft drinks are weakening your bones

Recent studies say that this statement is true. Tests are made to women who drink soft drinks two to three times a week, and they have shown that they have lower bone density. This is due to the phosphoric acid found in most soft drinks .

‘Clear’ soft drinks are healthier than dark

There are noo difference between Sprite and Coca Cola when its about health. The difference is only in the amount of caramel which gives dark soft drinks their color. Dark drinks contain caffeine, but it is still less than the amount that you can find it in a cup of coffee .

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Soft Drinks

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