One Health Symposium at NARC 18th November, 2013

November 17, 2013
NARC ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN on 18th November, 2013

animal-sciencesThe Animal Sciences Institute at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad, is organizing a national ONE HEALTH SYMPOSIUM in collaboration with the Massey University-Newzealand, NIH-Pakistan and PARC  on 18th November to discuss the concept of ONE HEALTH for developing more effective strategies for the control of major Zoonotic Diseases (like: Bird flu, salmonella, TB, Brucellosis, Congo fever,). On this occasion numerous eminent scientists, academia, Provincial Director Generals- Public Health and DG-Animal Health, researchers and graduate students invited from all over the country will be discussing the issues related to epidemiology and control of Zoonotic Disease control in this country. In this regard, a network called ONE HEALH HUB PAKISTAN (OHHP) is being established with the joint efforts of animal health and public health experts from the federal and provincial institutions to work together in combating the diseases transmittable from animals to human (Zoonoses).

More information about the activities of OHHP can also be obtained by visiting the  One Health Network-South Asia OR by writing to National Focal Point for OHHP at Membership applications for joining OHHP can also be submitted to

Dr. K. Naeem

National Coordinator-One Health Pakistan

Deputy Director General (Research),

National Agricultural Research Centre,

Park Road, Islamabad-45500,

Ph: 0092-51-925-5747


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