Nestlé Pakistan going to help mango farmers for yield increase

Friday, 15 November

nestle-helps-mango-farmersNestlé Pakistan announced a pilot initiative, which will support mango farmers in southern Punjab through a joint effort with the Australia-Pakistan Agriculture Sector Linkages Programme (ASLP). In the initial phase of the endeavour – titled the ‘Chaunsa Project’ – farmers in Multan and Khanewal will benefit from training on best farm practices to increase yield and improve quality of Chaunsa mangoes.

Through the partnership, Nestlé and ASLP will carry out training and capacity building in a range of areas including pre- and post-harvest horticulture, plant propagation and varietal assessment. Both organisations observed the immense opportunity to improve both yield and quality of Chaunsa mangoes. Small farmers are now able to take advantage of new opportunities in the mango farming sector, including canning, pulping and exporting – collectively bringing in tens of millions of dollars’ worth of revenue to the national exchequer.

The long-term vision for the ‘Chaunsa Project’ is to take Nestlé’s principle of Creating Shared Value (CSV) and support small farmers, just as the company did with its dairy farmers years ago – 200,000 of whom now provide their milk directly to Nestlé as part of their value chain, covering an area of 146,000km. Similarly, through responsible sourcing of mango pulp and development of linkages with Nestlé’s value chain, small farmers will have better access to markets where they can sell their mangoes at competitive prices, and the company can continue to improve the livelihood of rural communities across Pakistan.

Source: Brecorder

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