What is the importance of women in agriculture?


ANE: Role of Women in Agriculture Women, known as Sinf e nazak, are actually an important and silent main force of every field of life including agriculture and animal farming. From the beginning of agriculture history they involve in every tiresome and back breaking tasks without been recognized or complain.

More than half of the world’s food is grown by women and they perform multiple tasks in the different areas of agriculture. Their indigenous knowledge and skills are significantly necessary for food production and sustainable agriculture, seed preparation and soil management, plants and pest control, post-harvest processing and storage, animal farming, poultry rearing as well as food processing and meal preparation. Sowing to harvesting, picking/ cleaning and preserving seeds, home gardening, woodlands they are equally playing an important role. Their knowledge and experience are also equally important as men. However, there is little recognition of their significant role and contribution to the socio-economic development of a nation.

The entrenched social and religious norms that define women’s role as secondary and subordinate keep women vulnerable and dependent and allow women’s exploitation as agricultural workers and farmers. Ensuring that the majority of rural women do not own land nor have access to productive resources. In all over the world, their hard endeavors were never been properly acknowledged. For the betterment of economy, there is a need to bring attention to their roles on farms/fields and give their work recognition.

by Khurram Shahzad

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