Growers advised to destroy remains of cotton after picking

cotton-market7 Nov 2013

MULTAN : Agriculture experts have advised growers to destroy remains of cotton after last picking in their respective fields to minimize risk of bollworms attack on the next cotton crop.
In a press release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts said all kinds of remains like bolls and sticks should be destroyed completely.  They said Pupae of pink bollworm and American bollworm hide inside sticks and bolls and could become a potent threat to the next cotton crop.
To eliminate the pupae of bollworms, growers can opt for traditional technique of allowing animals to enter the field.
Then the cotton sticks be cut from a point six inch deep into the soil to avoid their regrowth in spring season. Rotovator be applied on the field before the spring season and cotton sticks should be burnt.
In case the growers wish to use them as fuel, the sticks should be placed in a way exposing their roots before sunlight to support conclusion of their life cycle in natural way.  The trash or leaf from these sticks must be destroyed in April-May.
Light traps should be installed from April to June to kill the pests and bollworms before their shifting from stock of sticks to the next cotton crop. Pheromone traps or PB ropes can be helpful in killing pink bollworm present in heaps of cotton sticks at an early stage. Courtest The Nation

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