Cattle genetics:AA collaboration in Pakistan

AA collaboration in Pakistan
AA collaboration in Pakistan

Altaf & Co. is Pakistan’s leading cattle genetics marketing organization, representing world known companies BBG, Chart, Inter Chemicals, Continental Plastic, BCF, Shoof, DCC, Takakita, Kemper, Shelbourne, Inter Agri, westpoint Veterinary Group, micron, Hunland, The
Calf Company, ufac.Uk and world known Alta.

Altaf & Co is committed to provide thoroughgoing support to livestock owners to promote proven genetic livestock production for their business and economic uplift.
The CEO of company Ch. Altaf Mahmood, having more than 27 years of working experience with livestock always busy to facilitate livestock breeders as his saying that “ Breeding is a business and Milk, Meat and Manure are by products” sector .

Altaf & Co, having a huge range of bovine semen (Sexed & Conventional)of Dairy & Beef Breeds, in their stocks, providing their customer a wide range of choice and selection.

Now they are in contract with Alta Genetics Inc. which is a major livestock genetic improvement source for the world having focus on core business of livestock semen reproduction and artificial insemination. They have Alta Concept+ and Alta GPS making quality genetic products and breeding services with efficient marketing methods together with world class sire programs.

Seminar proceedings:
Collaborative seminar on Breeding aspects to generate awareness on quality semen and equipments was chaired by representative of General Imtiaz Hussain Sherazi from RVFC, GHQ Rawapindi, Dr Hammad Hashmi and his respected colleagues. Mr Sheraz Altaf, a young entrepreneur started the seminar by inviting one of participant for recitation from Holy Quaran.
Mr. Sheraz Altaf highlighted the agenda and program of seminar with its importance in developing genetic pool of high quality milk and meat traits in the country. He was backup with Chief Executive Officer Altaf & Co, Mr. Altaf Mehamood with his valuable statement that “Breeding is a business, milk and manure are by-products”.
The statement was well appreciated by audiences with clapping. He also emphasis on selection of quality genetics as his company is pioneer to explore quality with its availability in Pakistan since 27 years. Having opportunity to comment on Mr. Altaf Mahmood Statement, I added Meat in the statement to make 3 M as” Breeding is a business and Milk, Meat and Manure are by-products”.
Both international experts on breeding management gave their presentation with special focus on heat detection, AI techniques and quality semen. Mr Charles quoted a phrase to keep the reeding management tension free “Manage the majority and deal with the exception”
He elaborated the sire traits especially DPR (Daughter Pregnancy Rate) in understandable manner for veterinarians and livestock owners present in conference room. His slide on daily activity of individual cow indicated importance of cow comfort was well appreciated as indicated below for further awareness.
1. Eating / drinking 17%
2. Milking 17%
3. Socialization 08%
4. Lying 58%

Mr Peter Van made a wonder full session with his presentation style and kept involved the participants in different aspects of dairy farming. He presented all segments of successful dairy farming at length covering USA, Europe and other developed countries.
Breeding and other equipment showcase made the vent more graceful and informative.

Dr. Muhammad Rasheed, 03336901401

1. Mr. Charles Perotti
2. Mr. Peter Van Beek

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