Fish sale picks up in Punjab


October 31, 2013


As the winter season has set in and weather has become cool in the evening, sale/consumption of fish in Lahore and other cities of Punjab is gradually picking up, President Lahore Fish Market Sardar Azhar Hussain told Business Recorder here on Wednesday. He said the farmers/traders are brining 200 to 300 maunds of various popular varieties of fish in the Lahore market every day.

These fish varieties include Rohu, Thaila, Silver Carp, Grass Carp, Sanghara, Mori and Khagga fish of Taunsa barrage on river Indus. There are broadly two kinds of fish available in Lahore, sweet-water fish, the majority of which comes from hatcheries, and the sea-bred varieties. Cod, local rahu, tota pari, tuna, dark salmon and pomfret remain the most favourite with the locals. The prices range from Rs 150 to Rs 350 per kg, depending on the ‘class’ and size of the fish

In the provincial capital every Lahori food item has an expert attached to it. There was a time in Lahore when one could not think of fish without thinking of Ravi ke Khaggay, a local favourite found in the river that once flowed. The oldest of Lahore’s prominent cooked fish sellers are located inside the old, walled city or right outside it. The Bhati, Taxali, Delhi and Mochi gate areas have a number of such outlets, which sell pakoras by day and besan-coated fish by night to cater mainly to a local clientele, Outside the walled city, the old, sought-after fried fish outlets are located near the Data Gunj Bakhsh shrine, outside the Anarkali Bazaar and at Mozang Chungi Gawalmanhdi, Famous outlets Basheer Darul Mahi, Siddiqu Fish, Sardar Fish, have franchised their outlets in various parts of the metropolis.

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