UAF convention: farmers urged to use modern ways to raise yield

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan among top 300 Universities
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan among top 300 Universities

October 28, 2013

Farmers community needs to apply and promote the latest technologies in agriculture to increase the productivity to meet the demands keeping in view the increasing population and depletion of land and natural resources.

This was stated by speakers at the Farmer Convention arranged by the University of Agriculture Faisalabad that was co-chaired by Food Security Secretary, Seerat Asghar, and Cimmyt Director General, Dr Thomas Lumpkin, at Iqbal Auditorium.

UAF Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Director General Extension, Dr Anjum Ali, MNA Muhammad Afzal, Dean Muhammad Arshad, Director Wheat AARI Makhdoom Hussain, Monsanto representative Amir Iqbal, Chairman Agronomy Dr Ahsanullah, Dr Muhamamd Manzoor , Dr Muhammad Azhar, Dr Meher-un-Nisa and other also spoke on the occasion

Cimmyt DG Dr Thomas Lumpkin said that population is increasing and natural resources are decreasing which is a real challenge for which we have to expedite the efforts.

He said that Cimmyt is working with Pakistan for the last 50 years. Now the company is working on hybrid wheat that will help increase the yield of wheat manifold.

Food Security Secretary Seerat Asghar said that the agriculture is the lifeline for the country as a large number of people are associated with the field and the sector is contributing by 21 percent to the Gross Domestic Product of the county.

He urged the farming community to apply the latest technologies to increase the productivity He said that the world is under the grip of food shortage because of climate changes so we have to take measures in this regard by boosting up per acre production.

Professor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said that world had to promote the genetically Modified crops especially in the developing countries to alleviate the hunger from the country. He suggested the farmers to apply the dual crops in the field in order to increase the productivity.

He said that the country is importing the pulses and palm oil worth 3.5 billion. If we adopt the mixed crops, the issue can be tackled DG Extension, Dr Anjum Ali, said that the kitchen gardening must be promoted across the country that will help provide the sufficient food to the people districts of the province.

MNA Muhammad Afzal said that the farmers play a pivotal role in the development of the agricultural sector. He praised the UAF festival that bring the scientists and farmers closer and provide a platform to get the benefit from their expertise.

Professor Dr Muhammad Arshad said that the Pakistan is losing 40 percent of its crops in the post harvest stage.

Dr Muhamamd Manzoor called for planning to reap benefit from the bio gas sources. Dr Mehar-un-Nisa informed the farmers about the importance of the silage The UAF also distributed the seed of different crops and kitchen gardening among the participants. Courtesy Business Recorder

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