International Livestock Nutrition Conference begins at UVAS

intl-livestock-nutrition-conference-beginsLAHORE (23-10-13): The fourth “International Livestock Nutrition Conference” started at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore on Wednesday. Planning and Development Board Punjab Chairman Muhammad Irfan Elahi formally inaugurated the conference which has been arranged by the UVAS in collaboration with the Nutritionists Association of Pakistan.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, Secretary Livestock and Dairy Development Punjab Dr Sajid Yoousfani, Nutritionists Association of Pakistan President Dr Mussaddiq Asif and Nestle Pakistan President Syed Yawar Ali were also present. Presenting the welcome address, the Vice-Chacellor said that the conference comprises total eight sessions including five technical sessions on dairy nutrition, feed resources and manufacturing technology, beef nutrition, buffalo nutrition and nutrition of small ruminants.

He said that 122 papers were received, 29 papers have been selected for oral presentation in the technical sessions whereas 70 papers will be displayed at the poster exhibition. He said that livestock sector plays an important role in the rural economy by supplementing family income and generating gainful employment in the rural population, particularly among the landless, small and marginal farmers and women.

Prof Pasha stressed on improving per unit animal productivity and moving from subsistence to market-oriented and the commercial livestock farming to meet the domestic demand and the surplus for the export. He said that it is need of hour to use livestock sector as an engine for economic growth and food security leading to rural population empowerment and socio-economic development.

The Vice-Chancellor said that a two-tiered action plan is required: to develop systems, which provide profitability for the smallholder and maintain quality through the supply chain, while assisting the development of larger scale commercial farms. “Positioning smallholder livestock development as an instrument to rural poverty reduction and improved food security and nutrition,” he added.

Being Flagship University in these disciplines, the UVAS has fully realized the needs of the sectors and initiated degree programs, trainings, research projects, technology centers and services to meet the challenges of growing industries, farming communities and stake holders.

P&D Board Punjab Chairman Irfan Elahi said that the government is taking initiatives to boost national economy through strengthening existing livestock health and productivity, milk and meat processing and marketing. “We need not only to produce high quality professionals in every discipline but also to adopt modern methodologies and techniques to keep pace with the scientific developments,” he said.

Secretary Livestock Dr Sajid Yoousfani said that low productivity of animals was the major proplem of livestock sector, which needs to be addressed by the on priority basis. He hoped that the conference will make fruitfull recommendations for the solution of field pronblems. Dr Mussaddiq Asif and Syed Yawar Ali also spoke on the occasion. Later in three technical sessions, local and foreign experts spoke about various aspects of nutrition for efficient livestock productivity, dairy nutrition and feed resources and manufacturing technology. The conference will continue today.

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Nutrition, Health, Food, Nutritionists

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