Rabi season: wheat to be sown over 16.5 million acres in Punjab

Wheat crop yield may surpass 24.5 million tons
Wheat crop 16.5 million acres

October 19, 2013

Over 16.5 million acres of land would be brought under wheat crop during Rabi season in wheat growing parts of the Punjab. The Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) has finalised all necessary arrangements for attaining the fixed target and to obtain per acre yield of the crop.

Sources told Business Recorder that the PAD had formulated a strategy for enhancing the wheat acreage and for this purpose the department would provide full assistance and guidance to the wheat growers for attaining better output of the crop in the Punjab.

The step has been taken for making successful “Grow More” wheat drive in the Punjab and under this programme special attention was being accorded on bringing maximum land under wheat crop for attaining yielding results. Apart from this special competitions would also be held for wheat growers across the Punjab and special awards would be given to the farmers for producing maximum wheat. The PAD has initiated “Farmers Training Programme” in 1,431 villages of Sialkot district aimed at introducing latest wheat production techniques among the growers aimed at making grow more wheat campaign complete successful in the Punjab.Courtesy Business Recorder

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