2nd International Workshop on Dairy Science Park will be held next year


The 2nd International Workshop on Dairy Science Park will be held on November 18-20, 2013 at Agricultural University, Peshawar. This workshop is the second one in continuation to DSP-2011 which was held with the cooperation of the provincial and federal government organizations, the civil society and business organizations from within the country and abroad. The workshop was inaugurated by the Honorable Minister for Agriculture, Arbab Muhammad Ayub Jan and concluded by Haji Hidayatullah Khan, Minister for Livestock. A development project worth Rs.200 million was submitted to the provincial government, focusing at developing the private livestock and poultry farms and converting them to viable enterprises capable of producing clean food for local and international markets and providing slef-employment to the youth.

Theme of the DSP-2013 will be “Developing enterprising capacity of livestock and poultry farmers of Pak-Afghan Region through partnership of academia, government, entrepreneurs, exporters & civil society with special focus on meat production targeted at International Halal Food Market. The workshop will continue for three days and will cover areas such as Meat and Dairy Technology, Poultry Science, Dairy Science, Animal Health, Feeding and nutrition, Reproduction and Genetics, Entrepreneur development, Halal Certification & Financing, Quality control and Hzard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

The workshop is expected to provide guidelines, a road-map and an engine for growth of the local sheep/goats/poultry production farms into viable enterprises; capable of producing clean food for local market and export and generating self employment for the youth especially the graduates in animal and social sciences, agriculture and business administration. The outgoing graduates in animal sciences, agriculture and business administration would be enabled to erect their own business enterprises and contribute more effectively in the national development process. Individuals and organizations from inland those from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Australia, etc are expected to participate.

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