US corn and soya harvest moving slowly

October 01, 2013

Corn, soya
Corn, soya

The corn and soyabean harvest is advancing slowly across the US Midwest as many farmers wait for the crops to mature and dry out before running their combines, traders and analysts said on Monday. A government report was expected to show the soyabean harvest was 11 percent complete as of September 29, according to the average of 11 estimates in a Reuters poll. The corn harvest was seen 15 percent complete.

Both figures would be the slowest in four years. The five-year harvest averages for this time of year are 20 percent for corn and 19 percent for soyabeans. Lengthy planting delays in the spring have kept farmers behind their typical schedule all year. A week ago, corn harvest was 7 percent complete and soyabean harvest was 3 percent complete.

The US Agriculture Department will release its latest estimate of corn and soyabean harvest progress and conditions at 3 pm CDT (2000 GMT) on Monday. Farmers in the south were harvesting at a fast pace, but many farmers in the largest production states such as Illinois and Iowa have yet to start cutting. Falling prices at elevators and processors have provided little incentive for farmers to cut down crops that are still wet and pay for the drying costs before delivering them to buyers. Courtesy Reuters

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