Balochistan province”s domain: Supreme Court moved to restrain centre from interfering

September 27, 2013


Supreme Court
Supreme Court

A Baloch nationalist leader has moved the Supreme Court pleading the apex court to restrain the federal government from ”interfering” in the domain of the Balochistan province, arguing that provincial government is only authority to grant the mining lease of copper and gold deposits in Reko Diq.

Central leader of Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M), Sanaullah Baloch, has moved a petition under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution making Secretary Ministry of Petroleum, Secretary Ministry of Finance, Chief Secretary Balochistan, Secretary Industrial and Mineral development department and Balochistan Development Authority as respondents.

Raising objections over the Prime Minister”s recent tour to China, the petitioner requested the apex court to ask federal government not to enter into any contract with respect to the property and development in Balochistan without the participation and express consent of Balochistan government. He also pleaded the court to direct Secretary Ministry of Petroleum to provide the comprehensive report of terms of all international agreements and treaties with respect to the province of Balochistan executed by federal government since 1999.

He further prayed to constitute a judicial commission to investigate Balochistan”s ”missing money” earned from gas, copper, gold, mineral and marine resources. “The Balochistan multi-billion copper-gold project, Saindak, was gifted to a Chinese company without any transparency by Musharraf and had been extended by the Zardari regime for another five years without sharing a single clause of the agreement with the public or parliament. “Not only Balochistan”s copper-gold has been looted, the province”s regime has also been allotted by the foreign office to Arab royals. In return, the royals shower expensive gifts on the country”s retired military and political elite,” he alleged. The petitioner alleged that the federal government mysteriously announced to hand over Gwadar Port to the Chinese without a transparent process. Courtesy Business Recorder.


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