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Shade Series Polytunnels
Shade Series Polytunnels

For those growers working in hot countries, a low cost way into field scale tunnels can be through the use of shade tunnels for protecting crops from scorch, high temperatures and hail.

Using our 4-series design, our Shade Series tunnels are built in a multi-span configuration using a fully pre-galvanised steel frame. Uniquely, growers can start off with a structure for a net cover and then if the crop justifies the investment can be upgraded later to a polythene clad structure. The ability to upgrade is built into the design of the product.

Typically, we configure shade structures using 2.5m (8’) legs drilled into the ground 85cm (2’9’’). From these legs steel arches are formed that can be anywhere between 5.5m (18’) and 9m (30’). The structures follow the natural contours of the ground and do not require any site levelling or specialist contractors. Unlike traditional wooden pole and cable structures, the Haygrove Shade Tunnels also have the advantage of shedding hail

To upgrade the structure, we can then supply additional legs and hoops at a later date that then can be drilled at intervals to upgrade the strength of the tunnel so it can then be clad with polythene. Courtesy Haygrove

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