Some Foods are Dangerous for your Dog

Dr. Hammad Hashmi

foods-for-dogsOften my clients are concerned and keep inquiring, what kind of foods are right for their dogs but mostly their worry is manifold when asking about the food stuff which is detrimental for their dogs. I have enlisted few of the most harmful foods for dogs as not all what we eat and tempting may equally be good for them.


These may cause vomiting, lassitude, diarrhea and in rare cases sudden kidney failure. Mild clinical signs may take even a day to show up, however sudden kidney failure may occur as a sequel to inappropriate intake.


These are notorious for causing serious illness in dogs which start from vomiting, diarrhea, increased/irregular heart rate, muscle tremors, seizures and even death may occur within a day of ingestion. The causal agent is the theobromine present in the chocolates. In addition to that, it contains caffeine. As less as an ounce may cause serious illness in a small frame dog


It is an agent largely found in many products like mints, gum, candies as an artificial sweetener. Once ingested it causes an immediate low blood sugar by a sudden release of insulin in the body. It is also a sudden cause of liver damage. If not treated in time its toxicity may lead to fatal consequences. Most cardinal signs include vomiting, lethargy and awkward bearing.

Onion and garlic

These may cause red blood cells and resultantly the weak/affected RBCs’ may rupture or lose ability to carry oxygen effectively in the body. These stuffs are available in many forms (fresh, dried or powdered) and can accidentally be ingested by dogs especially by some curious ones which may result into serious illness.

Macadamia Nuts

Mostly these nuts are the ingredients of chocolates and the candies and cause vomiting, joint pain, tremors, weakness and sometimes pale gums.


Ingestion causes sudden vomiting and diarrhea as all forms of avocados (fruit, tree leaves and pits) have similar levels of toxicity for dogs.

The symptoms must critically be monitored and Vet must immediately be consulted for a prompt treatment.

Note: The esteemed author is a certified Vet with more than 15 years of experience. Dogsdata is grateful for the courtesy he extended. Courtesy dogs Data

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