APTMA elections: Businessmen Group grabs all Sindh-Balochistan zone seats

September 18, 2013


The Businessmen Group has made historic win in annual elections of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) after securing all seats in Sindh-Balochistan zone, the only zone where this group faced opposition. Out of 207 votes cast countrywide, the Businessmen Group secured 137 votes while Shahid Tata got 67 votes, the only opposing candidate of the Businessmen Group in Sindh-Balochistan zone.

Gohar Ejaz said on Tuesday that the Businessmen Group had ensured historic majority for the fourth consecutive year. He said Sohail Tabba of Businessmen Group highest votes by securing 197 panel votes, followed by Imran Maqbool (187 votes), Zahid Mazhar(180 votes), Amman Qasim (174 votes) and Jamil Qasim(172 votes). Whereas, Shahid Tata bagged only 67 votes countrywide, he added.

Gohar said it was crushing defeat to Shahid Tata, who had lost APTMA elections for third time. He said the success had proven that the Businessmen Group was enjoying unparallel majority countrywide and the industry had responded positively to the untiring efforts of the group in resolving the industry issues. Gohar congratulated the outgoing central Chairman Ahsan Bashir, Chairman APTMA Punjab Shahzad Ali Khan, central Vice Chairman APTMA Wisal Monnoo for their hard work to take the industry back on track of growth and prosperity.

He said the Businessmen Group has declared Yasin Siddik as central Chairman APTMA for next year. He will take oath on 30th September. Also, he said, the group has named S M Tanveer as Chairman APTMA Punjab for next year. Gohar said the Businessmen Group had secured all the 24 seats in the Central Executive Committee.

Speaking on the occasion, the outgoing Chairman APTMA Punjab Shahzad Ali Khan said a new heavy mandate has instilled a fresh breath to the efforts of the Businessmen Group. S M Tanveer said the confidence reposed by the APTMA membership on the Businessmen Group will provide the stamina to the Group to carry on with its past performance in future as well. He said huge challenges are yet waiting for the group to deliver, including the GSP Plus status to Pakistan textile and cotton as well as energy relating issues. Courtesy Business Recorder

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