‘PCCC HQ should be shifted to Multan’

September 17, 2013

Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC)
Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC)

Former Speaker of National Assembly, Syed Fakhar Imam has suggested that the Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) head quarter should be shifted to Multan which is the centre of the cotton belt in Southern Punjab as this zone produces 80 percent of total cotton production. In a press statement issued here on Monday, Syed Fakhar Imam said that PCCC has played a pivotal role in promoting cotton production in Pakistan.

PCCC is solely responsible to conduct research on cotton and its products. Cotton and cotton based products contribute 62 percent of Pakistan’s total exports. 40 percent of the industrial labour is employed in the textile sector and 65 percent of local edible oil is extracted from cottonseed.

Recalling the history, Syed Fakhar Imam said the ICCC was established in 1923 under the Cotton Cess Act 1923, and its successor (PCCC) continues to perform its functions under the said statute. He mentioned that cotton production was one million bales in 1947 and now has reached 12 to 14 million bales. In 2005, the government decided to shift PCCC from its original offices located at Mai Lolachi Road to Karachi. Courtesy Business Recorder

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