Big weekly haul puts EU wheat exports on record pace

September 15, 2013

EU wheat
EU wheat

The highest weekly volume of wheat export licences so far this season in the European Union has confirmed a brisk start to the export campaign, surpassing the pace seen in a record 2008/2009 season, official data showed on Thursday. The EU granted this week export licences for 715,000 tonnes of soft wheat this week, the biggest haul since the start of the 2013/2014 season on July 1.

This brought the volume so far in 2013/2014 to 5.2 million tonnes, or more than double the 2.5 million tonnes of export licences cleared by the same stage in 2012/2013. This would also be 900,000 tonnes above the volume seen at the same point in 2008/2009 when the EU went on to post a record full-year export total of just over 22 million tonnes. The volume this season has been supported by high demand for export licences in top EU exporters France and Germany, as well as east EU member Romania that has seen large sales to Egypt. Courtesy Reuters

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