Global 500 (Alltech’s International Dairy & Beef Event) 1-3oct, 2013

Alltech Pakistan
Alltech Pakistan

Dairy & Beef Event  01- 03 October, 2013

1. What is Global 500?
Global 500 is an annual meeting of dairy and beef farmers and producers from around the world. It comprises of a welcome dinner and two day technical conference with interactive talks, discussion dinners and optional farm tours.

2. When is Global 500?
Global 500 starts on the evening of the 1st of October with a welcome dinner for participants. The conference takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of October. Farm tours are offered on the 30th of September or the 4th of October. There are one or two day tour options for both dates – see attached.

3. Where is Global 500?
Global 500 will take place in the RDS in Dublin, Ireland. The RDS is a large arena in Ballsbridge, a suburb of Dublin, which is a 20 minute walk from the city centre. It is also served by a number of busses, trains and trams.

4. What is this year’s theme?
The theme for this year is EPS – Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainability.

5. What makes this year special?
This is the first edition of Global 500 that has taken place outside of the US. It has moved to Ireland as part of an Irish government initiative called “The Gathering”. The Gathering aims to draw Irish people from around the world back to Ireland to celebrate Irish culture and history.

There will be a much bigger focus on the international landscape at Global 500 2013 and attendees will be able to have a unique look at dairy and beef faming in Ireland.

The range of speakers at Global 500 2013 is looking to be the most diverse and interesting yet, covering all aspects of production from management and nutrition to economics and marketing.

6. When will the agenda be available?
The agenda is still under development and speakers are still being confirmed, but the team hope to have this finalized in the next two weeks.

7. When will registration open?
Registration should be open by mid next week (28th August).

8. Invitation & Agenda – attached (if you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us)

Dairy & Beef Event  01- 03 October, 2013


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