Maize silage for Development of Livestock sector in Pakistan


Maize silage is only solution for Development of Livestock Sector in Pakistan. silage is preservation of fodder at its highest Nutritional stage for more the one year period . Hybrid -Maize is only forage that give 20 tons per Acre production within just 90 days where no any other fodder is available in such quantity with 3 month period with such highly Nutritional value
(20 tons silage have 6 tons of Maize Grain in it)

10 tons silage requirement for 2 adult animals for full year (as 25 kg per Kg silage per Day so from 1 Acre in 90 days we can get silage for 2 adults buffaloes or cows

In Pakistan usually small holder have 4 animals so by growing 2 acres for 3 month for Maize silage to get 40 tons silage sufficient for his 4 adults animals

It is not only saving the whole year expenditure of fodder growing in conventional way for but also source to get extra income from same land (free from fodder growing for 9 months of year as silage crop require 3 Months)

No tedious job of daily cutting and bring at his animals farm and daily chopping of fresh fodder that is most difficult job in animals keeping.

By adopting silage technology livestock will become more profit-able business .

It would be a step towards poverty elevation by Livestock sector in Pakistan as 80% livestock is with small dairy farmers.

Maize silage cost when grown at his own Land is less than Rs.30,000 and silage making expenditure 10.000 organist 20 tons per Acre ,then cost per kg = Rs.2 (20,000 kg silage (20 Tons per Acre ) and production cost of silage =Rs.40,000)

By .Dr.Khalid Pervaiz


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