Cotton growers advised for timely eradication of bugs

August 23, 2013

Cotton growers advised
Cotton growers advised

Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) has advised the cotton growers that timely eradication of red cotton bug and dusky cotton bug is very essential as these pests not only cause decrease in production but also severely damages crop quality. According to a PAD spokesman, cotton has been sown on an area of 5.78 million acres of land and production target has been fixed at 9.6 million bales.

He said that inferior quality of cotton caused loss of billions of rupees every year. “Clean picking, storage, transportation as well as elimination of pests is necessary to get better quality cotton production,” the spokesman added. The spokesman said chances of attack of red cotton bug and dusky cotton bug increased in high moisture and lower temperature. He said growers had to be vigilant from September to November with regard to elimination of those pests. He said growers should also ensure eradication of host plants of those pets and other weeds and spray pesticides in consultation with the local agricultural experts in case of attack of pest on the crop. Courtesy Business Recorder
Cotton growers

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