Pakistan Government urged to sign FTA with Thailand: Kinnow

August 20, 2013


The Pakistan government may initiate a dialogue of FTA with Thailand during a visit from the Thai Premier. Talking here on Monday, Ahmed Jawad from Harvest Trading, said being member of ASEAN, Thailand offers a 500 million consumer market to Pakistan as ASEAN by 2015 would be a common market on the pattern of the European market. He divulged that in ASEAN, the share of Thailand is 25 per cent of its total trade.

The annual bilateral trade between Thailand and Pakistan is around $1billion which needs to be further improved. He said that exchange of business delegations could be better option for exploring areas of common interest.

Jawad said that Thailand has recently been recognized as the ‘world kitchen’ owing to plentiful food resources as well as the continuous success in development in food industry.

In this regard we may get benefit from Thailand in processing of food to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables to curtail our post harvest losses, he added.

He urged the government to negotiate on the export of kinnow with the Thai delegation which will be visiting Islamabad, as the season would start by the end of December.

“We produce 1.7 million tonnes of kinnow every year with the 13th largest standing in the world and due to our geo-economic position Pakistani kinnow may easily serve the consumption volumes in ASEAN region,” he added.

Ahmed Jawad said that both countries may setup a Joint Committee on agriculture and share the concepts of modern technologies in agricultural systems for the improvement of agricultural productions e.g. crop yield, livestock production, aquaculture production, and sustainable agriculture. Courtesy Nation

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