Cotton crop situation satisfactory

August 20, 2013

Cotton crop
Cotton crop

LAHORE – Cotton crop has been cultivated on 5.78 million acres and its situation is satisfactory. This was informed in the meeting on cotton held on Monday at Central Cotton Research Institute Multan.

Dr Anjum Ali, Director General Agriculture (Ext.), M Zahid, Director CCRI, Multan, M Rafiq Akhtar, Director Agricultural Information Punjab, and other senior cotton scientists attended the meeting.

Cotton crop situation was reviewed with respect to area planted, plant population, fertilizer off-take, weed intensity, hot and humid weather conditions, flower shedding, burgeoning CLCV and mealy bug threats besides seasonal pests, recent floods and ensuing dangers of heavy rains in September in cotton belt. Each and every cotton related problem was dilated in detail and after threadbare analysis, the experts recommended that if due to persistent rains, application of Urea up to 15th August is not completed, application of the remaining dose may be completed during August. It was further advised to remove weeds before application of fertilizer by using manual techniques.

Post-emergence herbicides may be applied with shield after ascertainment of no loss to the crop. In addition, irrigate the crop after water scouting and Pakistan Meteorological department’s reports to avoid over saturation and yield loss due to water stress. The experts advised to apply 2 per cent Potassium Nitrate immediately and can be repeated after every seven days and for foliar application. Select early morning or evening time to target only upper parts of the plants.

In case of rank growth, spray of Mepiquate chloride (pix) @ 100 ml/acre was suggested. It was told in the meeting that humid climate favors sucking insect pests especially Jassid and whitefly, farmers to remain vigilant and scout their crops regularly and in case of mealy-bug infestation, immediate control without any late. Armyworm can also create havoc due to favorable climate, thus, its control at initial stage is required to significant yield loss. Courtesy NATION

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