Recommendation adapted for selling defected animals in local market

August 16, 2013


The matter under consideration is to highlight such points; by keeping in mind such points our poor farmers remain save of buying defected animals.

The points are..

  • Animal which is considered for milking couldn’t be milked for at least three days as a result udders remain filled with milk and animal seems to be high producing.
  • Indiscriminate use of BOOSTIN injection (Bovine Somatotrophin Harmone, a milk production stimulant) which can cause abrupt increase of milk production by bone reabsorption. For taking more instant results than that some people use Oxytocin blindly.
  • Use of NSAID’s in such animals which were showing lameness so as a result up to the withdrawal period of drug animal walk with normal gait in front of buyer.
  • As number of rings in horns in general are indicative of animal age so in buffalo’s cosmetic use of iron bar results in vanishing out of few rings so honors claim that their animal is in first or second lactation.
  • A local breed familiar as Desi which was pure white, some people conceive that it is Friesian cow and buy it at higher price.
  • Use of oil to polish the animal body so as a result of sunlight reflection animal seems to be alert and active.
  • Rasping of front teeth in order to misconceive animal lower than the original age, as tooth bare also indicative of animal age.
  • Passing of pipe through food pipe and blindly fill it by water so as to fill rumen blindly and vanishing of Para lumber fossa so that animal remain healthy due to abnormal gastric filling.

Some people also misconceive it as pregnant.

  • Selling of animals at such places i.e. nearby commercial areas where people have no direct livestock selling or buying experience.
  • Use of wheat flour and then offer free access to water to animal results in induction of tympany to animal and animal seems to be healthy.
  • Use of few mild stones of Potash Alum( phatkari) then offer free access to water to animal also results in induction of tympany to animal and animal seems to be healthy. It was mostly practiced in emaciated animals.
  • Some people induce honey bee bites to the udder as a result udder seems larger as a result of swelling

Dr.Umair Iqbal DVM Master Trainer

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