‘Mango Festival’ organised in Manchester

August 16, 2013

Mango Festival
Mango Festival

Recently a whole day complementary Mango tasting, sampling festival was held in Manchester (UK) to mark the mid season of Mango fruit. The festival mainly targeted the non Ethnic British consumers. The event was organised by the Economic & Trade Division UK North, High Commission for Pakistan in the UK.

The festival took place at the heart of Manchester City Centre, the Piccadilly Gardens. It was an all day long event starting from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm promoting the aromatic, delicious and beautiful mangoes from Pakistan. A full marquee was set up and the stall was decorated to present the image of Pakistan with Banners, Panaflex, Posters, Pakistan Flag, Flag Buntings etc and the National Anthem & other national, patriotic songs were played all day at the Centre of the City, creating a very unique ambience and aura.

Manchester Piccadilly Gardens is the largest open space in the city centre, its water fountains and grassy areas skirted by cafés, bars and restaurants make it an ideal place for setting many of Manchester’s events and concerts throughout the year. The average footfall recorded by the local government authorities at the Manchester City Centre on Saturdays has been recorded 147,500.

On behalf of the Government of Pakistan, Commercial Secretary Amir Thahim and Trade Development Officer Afsheen Ul Haq along with their team Arif Moghul, Ms Shaheen Ishrat, Abdul Razzak and Miss. Bushra Haq offered complementary tasting of Pakistani Mangoes and various dishes prepared from mangoes such as mango lassi, mango-milkshake, mango juice, mango chunks, mango pulp, mango ice cream, mango pastries, mango rice pudding (firni), mango fruit cocktail custard, mango sorbet, mango sweet chutney, mango chilli chutney, mango pickle, mango with rice, mango with paratha etc to the general public for tasting.

The event was launched by a formal ribbon cutting ceremony by the Lord Mayor of Manchester Naeem Ul Hassan. Other senior Officials including Consul General Ehsan Ullah Batth and Community Welfare Attache Sajid Mehmood Qazi also participated actively at the event. Also present at the event, dignitaries who visited during the day included Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of European Parliament (MEPs), Government Officials, Ex-Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillors and niche business community from both the Asian and British Community.

Commercial Secretary Amir Thahim said that “Mango is a nutritive fruit with various health benefits too. Its soil and climatic conditions enable production and market supplies of good quality fresh mango over a period of about seven months. Pakistani mangoes are appreciated in the international market owing to their attractive colour, fragrance, savouring taste, and nutritive value. Pakistani mangoes, therefore, enjoys a prominent position in the international market with distinct geographical indications of their own.”

There was a very positive and encouraging response from everyone who visited the stall. People from all walks of life, different backgrounds, communities and nationalities visited the stall and were excited to taste Pakistani mangoes and different recipes of mangoes.

Trade Development Officer Miss. Afsheen Ul Haq said, “Mango is known in Pakistan as the “King of Fruits”. Pakistan is one of the biggest producer and exporter of mango in the world. It has got dozens of varieties of mangoes. Orchards in Pakistan are Global Gap certified and growers/exporters have HACCP and BRC certification as well as per International standards. We are very encouraged with the response received to this initiative. We are also working to introduce more products from Pakistan in the UK market in due course of time and similar activities to engage with the general public for a direct feedback.” Courtesy Business Recorder


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