Agriculture a Booster of Economy

August 06, 2013


A scholar at the Clayton State University, Prof. AlphonsoOgbuehi has said that “Agriculture is one of the most significant opportunities in Nigeria today as the government looks to reverse the current situation of high importation and low yield to encourage more efficient domestic agricultural output”. He stated this during his presentation at the ongoing Imo State Business Forum in Atlanta, Georgia.

In his presentation titled: “Why Do Business In Nigeria”,the Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University told the audiences that Nigeria imported $4 Billion worth of wheat, $2 Billion of rice, $1.4 Billion of sugar, and $1 Billion of fish just in 2012 to show that it has potentials in the Agriculture Sector.

He added that the federal government of Nigeria was aggressively seeking the participation of the private sector by changing the philosophy where agriculture was being run as a business. He also stressed that the government also changed the philosophy of where money could be made as opposed to a government driven development effort as was the case in the past. Courtesy allafrica

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