Water theft Four growers’ monitoring teams formed

July 30, 2013

Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad Jamal Mustafa Syed, while taking serious notice of water shortage at tail end at District Badin, has formed four growers’ monitoring teams with one representative each from Revenue Department, District Police and Irrigation officers from unrelated areas as members, to locate, identify the act of water theft and the identification of persons involved in this crime.

He assured the growers that not only FIR would be lodged against those landlords / irrigation officers who found involved in water theft but they would also be arrested and brought to the justice. This he announced while addressing an open Katchery and talking the affected growers of tail end and media men at Village Wali Muhammad Zangejo (Zangejo Mori), Taluka Tando Bago, District Badin on Monday.

The Divisional Commissioner simultaneously warned the landlords involved in water theft to remove their all sources, ways and means of water theft by which they were stealing the water at upstream within 24 hours, failing which the growers monitoring teams to take action against them.

The Divisional Commissioner announced the names of the growers of those monitoring teams and added that each team to monitor a separate distributory. He announced that growers including Ghulam Rasool, Haji Ali Bux and Fayyaz Ali had been nominated to monitor Oilpur Distributory. Similarly growers Muhammad Anwar, Haji Suleman and Afzal entrusted for Khairpur Gamboo minor, likewise Rano Zangejo, Syed Attaullah Shah, Rafique Chandio, Mian Dad Chandio, Tariq Arain and Muhammad Khan Chandio to monitor Garkas Distributory while Syed Attaullah Shah, Mukhtiar Jarwar and Aurangzaib to check Ali Abad Distributory and identify the act of water theft.

He said those committees to work along with the one representative each from Revenue Department, District Police and Irrigation department and added that those officers would not be related from the same area of operation but had been nominated from other areas to ensure impartiality.

He said those committees to ensure that water at tail end would not be reduced from the five feet in each distributory, adding that in case the Irrigation officer was found involved in water theft he would be arrested and taken to task. He warned the officers and landlords to refrain from water theft within 24 hours otherwise they would be taken to task.

Responding to a question, the Divisional Commissioner Hyderabad said that direct outlets were not illegal but out sizing or any tempering to get more water from those outlets was illegal. He also directed the Chief Engineering Rohri Canal also to monitor the whole situation and to ensure that water was available at tail end and that the modules of water courses / direct outlets were within specification. Courtesy:Business Recorder
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