Importance of agriculture

A R Shujaat Hussain

Importance of agriculture
Importance of agriculture

Saturday, July 28, 2013 – Pakistan is an agricultural country. Contribution of agriculture in GDP is about 24% which is a very large amount for the better growth of economy of Pakistan. Importance of agriculture, If there is a change in the GDP, then there is no change in agriculture’s economy. It is the agriculture sector which is responsible for making the availability of food possible in the country. It is providing wheat, rice vegetables and edible oils to the existing population.

Agriculture sector becomes the responsible of as long as the necessary raw material to industrial sector of the country’s economy. The development of sugar industry depends upon the availability of sugar-cane in the country. Agriculture sector can provides a employment in the country. Agriculture is a traditional profession. As for as Pakistan is primarily a rural country with 69% of its population living in villages, majority of which is directly dependent on agriculture for livelihood. The industrial development is based upon agriculture sector. Importance of agriculture

It means that more than the required number of people are employed in the agriculture sector having zero and negative marginal productivity. Even if they are removed, the total agriculture production will remain unaffected. The countries like Pakistan which have a vast agriculture sector can depend upon exportation of agriculture products like cotton, sugar, rice, vegetables, fruits and certain seeds etc.

For a long time, this has been a view that the terms of trade have a tendency to move against agriculture sector, ie the prices of agriculture commodities go on falling while the prices of industrial goods go on rising. But nowadays, because of severe increase in population of the world the demand for agriculture goods including crops, horticulture, livestock, forestry and fisheries is rapidly increasing. And in the coming future, the demand for agriculture goods is not likely to come down. Courtesy Pakistan observer

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