Punjab government creates ‘crop biomass cell’

July 17, 2013

crop biomass cell
crop biomass cell

Punjab government has created a “Crop Biomass Cell” in Agriculture department for estimation of crop size and biomass of major and minor crops. According to the spokesman of Punjab Agriculture Department the cell will initially comprise of five-member committee under convenor ship of Dr Anjum Ali, Director General Agriculture (Ext. & A.R) Punjab.

Other members include Dr Muhammad Iqbal, Dean Faculty of Agriculture, Engineering University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Chaudhry Abdul Sattar, Director Agronomy, Agronomic Research Institute, Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad, Malik Nasim Ahmad, Director Crop Reporting Service Punjab, Lahore and Dr Abdul Ghaffar Dogar, Deputy Director (Mech.), Directorate General (Field), Punjab, Lahore.

The spokesman further stated that cell will survey and support to the agencies working on exploration of crop biomass potentials, research and development on reduction in crop residue wastages, collection, transport, efficient use and related issues through Agriculture Mechanisation Research Institute, Multan, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and other national and provincial institutes dealing with the research on energy system or renewable energy sources at provincial or federal level.

The cell will initially be housed in Agriculture Extension set-up and afterwards, a dedicated unit will be created with a team of engineers and scientists to work on sustainable basis. The cell will provide information regarding biomass to all stakeholders. Director Agricultural Information, Punjab will co-ordinate and disseminate the activities of the cell. Courtesy Business Recorder

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