Agriculture problems and solutions

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zubair Waheed

Agriculture problems & solutions
Agriculture problems & solutions

Rawalpindi: Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan and there is an estimate that about 55 percent of the labor force of the country is associated with this particular segment. There are many problems that are acting as hurdles in the way of developing the agriculture. I am going to highlight some of the major problems of agriculture sector. Firstly the farmers usually don’t have enough capital to purchase the latest machines and recommended seed varieties. They are facing the shortage of cash and because of the above stated fact their always production remains low. Credit can play an important role for small landholders to enhance their production; however this is a bitter fact that there are insufficient credit facilities to help them financially.

The reason behind the shortage of food in Pakistan is that farmers are using the old techniques of cultivation. They are not using modern technology due to lack of skills and money. Irrigation facilities are limited due to which barren soils can’t be used for food production. There is only small portion of land that is available for cultivation, which is another reason behind the low productivity.

Leasing system is discouraging for farmers. The tenant and landholders cannot take money on interest in development of land so it badly affects the production. Salinity and water logging have affected large area especially in Sindh province, which has limited their production. These problems should be addressed better by taking the appropriate measures such as utilizing barren lands for crop production, by providing modern techniques and better seeds to farmers so that they can enhance their yield.

Government should offer inputs like quality seeds and fertilizers on subsidized rates. Agriculture development corporations should provide latest farm machinery to the growers, so that they can carry out the farm activities easily and appropriately. Small farmers should be given credit on low interest rates. Areas affected by water logging should be recovered and tube wells should be set up in those regions. Agricultural products must carry a price that encourages farmers to raise their production. Government should fix reasonable prices of cotton, rice and wheat to entice farmers to grow these crops. Agricultural market in the country should be improved. Urban markets should be linked with rural areas so that farmers can easily supply their products and get high return. Pakistan Observer


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