Hydel Power Generation is Cheap

June 01, 2013


Faisalabad: Hydel Resource is the best option to produce cheaper electricity, construction of large dams including Kala Bagh Dam (KBD) is inevitable, said Ch. Muhammad Boota, Acting President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) here today.

He said that hydropower potential with identified sites in Pakistan is estimated over 100,000 MW and PML(N) Government might concentrate on construction of large dams including Kala Bagh Dam to produce electricity which is much cheaper compared to the thermal generation at the rate of about Rs.18/unit.  He maintained that since 1974 no large dam has been constructed in the country while demand of electricity is progressing at 10% per year resulting into severe shortage of electricity to the businesses, industry and general consumers in the country.

He said that every year we waste water of Rs.500 billion to the sea which can be easily saved for precious use to the agriculture in the country. It is worrisome that we store only 13% of the annual flow of our rivers compared to India 35% on Sutluj –Bias Basin. The construction of large dams will not only produce cheaper electricity to the real economy but also enhance the storage capacity for resource water in the country to overcome the food security problem.

He said that along with other alternative resources, we should also go for coal energy taking benefit of 185 billion tons of coal reserves in Thar. He said that India produces 69%, China 79% USA 45% electricity from coal compared to Pakistan only 1%. He emphasized that the alternative resources, if fully exploited, Pakistan would not only be able to overcome the current shortfall but also become electricity exporting country in the future. He sa

He appreciated the strategy developed by PML (N) Consultative Committee on Energy for producing 6000 MW electricity on cheaper price from sugarcane phuk, bio-diesel and bio-gas in the next three years. He said that Pakistan with the world best irrigation system can take benefit of construction of small dams on the canal heads and run-of-the rivers as a medium term solution.

He urged the upcoming Government to speed up construction of large dams including KBD at the high priority, increasing coal share in the overall energy-mix and initiating projects of alternative energy resources in the country without further loss of time.


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