A cry for help: water blocked


I RETIRED from the Pakistan Army in 1999 as lieutenant-colonel. I own three acres of agricultural land in Deh Jamshoro, Qasimabad, Hyderabad. I irrigate this land through government-sanctioned watercourse L-8 on Fasadi Wah.

A builder in connivance with the office of the Mukhtiarkar, Qasimabad, has illegally constructed a housing scheme between my land and Fasadi Wah and usurped the watercourse L-8 and buried it.

This has resulted in the drying of my land, besides having other negative implications. The SDO and Darogha of irrigation, on the instructions of the executive engineer, Kotri barrage, visited the site to verify the facts on May 16.

Although sympathetic, they showed their helplessness because they said the scheme, which is named Mustafa Bangalows, belonged to their boss.

The executive engineer, however, after verifying all facts issued a letter to his SDO for launching an FIR against the managers of the housing scheme on May 20.

I also approached the irrigation secretary on his visit to Hyderabad. He promised action. I was called by the builder in his office on May 21.

I was plainly told in front of one of his managers and other irrigation officials that the illegal occupation would not be given up, though he instructed the manager to unearth the portion of the watercourse buried by him.

This turned out to be a deception since no action has been taken since then.

The letter issued by the executive engineer for launching an FIR against the culprits was also put on hold.

Instead, I and my Haris are threatened. Nobody is responding. I find myself absolutely helpless. Is there somebody who can help me?



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