Turkey´s Biggest and Only Poultry & Technologies Trade Fair is Opening


Being the meeting point of poultry industry in Turkey VIV TURKEY 2013, 6th International Trade Fair for Poultry & Technologies is opening its doors for the visitors in Hall 9-10-11 of Istanbul Expo Center, running from 13th to 15th of June, 2013. As the broadly participated VIV TURKEY event ever, VIV TURKEY 2013, where the final preparations are being made now, is going to bring the exhibitors together with the visitors.

Poultry industry comes together in VIV TURKEY 2013 for the 6th time with the concept of “Meat Safety from Feed to the Table”. As the biggest and most significant poultry and technologies trade fair VIV TURKEY 2013 will takes the pulse of the industry with its record number of participants. In order to closely acquaint with the exhibitors of VIV TURKEY 2013 that is jointly organized by the Netherlands based VNU Exhibitions Europe and Istanbul basedHKF Trade Fairs click on the link

Seminars and panels during VIV TURKEY 2013

This year in VIV Turkey, which has a rich activity schedule HKF Trade Fairs and Turkish Poultry are jointly organizing a two session panel taking place throughout the second day of the exhibition. Poultry sector both in Turkey and in the world is going to be discussed in detail and experts of the field inform and answer the questions of the audience. The panel is going to take place in Pamukkale Conference Room starting at 10:00 and ending at 16:00 o’clock. A ‘Buyer Group’ of 100 people coming from the USA, Azerbaijan, UAE, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, India, Iraq, Iran Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Russia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Tunis and Jordon will be attend the panel with a simultaneous translation. Ministry of Economy and Istanbul Exporters’ Associations organize buyer groups in order to increase the exportation, diversify the exported goods and find new markets, increase market share. Within this scope Ministry of Economy and Istanbul Exporters’ Associations will also bring buyer groups to VIV TURKEY 2013 and those company executives will have the opportunity to have one-to-one meetings on the third day of the exhibition.

B2B application in VIV TURKEY 2013

This year B2B application is being put into service in VIV TURKEY 2013. Thus, exhibitors and visitors experience a way more efficient fair. Through the B2B application exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity of having one-to-one meetings arranged over VIV TURKEY 2013 website before the event.

VIV TURKEY 2013 in International Press

VIV TURKEY, being the meeting point of poultry industry in Turkey, also attracts the attention of international press.  Numerous sectoral magazines from Italy, to India and Singapore write about VIV TURKEY 2013. To see the articles published in international magazines click here.

An ideal scene for new business expansions

Being the one and only international trade fair for poultry and technologies VIV TURKEY 2013 will offer an ideal scene for new business expansions right along with opening up opportunities to increase the trade volumes of the exhibitors and also exceedingly satisfy the visitors with its exhibitor and product profile. It gives us great pleasure to kindly invite to the biggest meeting of poultry industry in Turkey. Source : VIV

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