Poultry feed seen ruling unchanged


Poultry feed prices are likely to stay unchanged in the coming days due to steady cost of production, according to market experts.

Adiyta Mishra, an expert, told Business Line that feed products are unchanged due to steady input costs and sluggish demand. There is some fluctuation in the prices of feed ingredients but it has not made any major impact on the input cost, he said.

On Saturday, soyameal dropped further by Rs 350 to Rs 35,600 a tonne. Poultry feed

Bajra increased by Rs 50 to Rs 1,550 a quintal, DCP quoted at 35 a kg, MBM ruled flat at Rs 38 a kg, while maize improved by Rs 50 to Rs 1,450 a quintal.


Mustard de-oiled cake sold at Rs 14,900 a tonne, DRB sold at Rs 9,000 a tonne while Rice bran oil ruled at 49 a kg, remained unchanged.

Pre-lay mash sold at Rs 1,020 for a 50-kg bag, while layer grower mash quoted at Rs 960 for a 50-kg bag. “Layer concentrate 25 per cent” sold at Rs 1,445 for a 50-kg bag while layer concentrate 35 per cent went for Rs 1,130 for a 50-kg bag. The Hindu Business Line

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