China’s Impact on Global Agriculture

May 2013

Global Agriculture
Global Agriculture

The article produced by Global Agriculture Investing Research & Insight, and just released in Alternative Emerging Investor magazine, highlights how important the events in China are to the global agricultural sector. The five-page article, “China’s Impact on Global Agriculture,” can be read in the premiere issue, debuting today at aeinvestor

To gain an appreciation of just how influential the events in China are, said author Bill Kiernan, director of Global AgInvesting Research & Insight at HighQuest Partners, one need only consider that China currently consumes 49% of the world’s pork production, 44% of all peanuts, 31% of rice, 28% of soybeans, 22% of corn and 18% of all wheat, while being home to 19% of the world population. “More importantly, Chinese demand for food and agricultural commodities is growing very rapidly, with increases in China’s consumption making up to 60% of the global increase in pork consumption over the past decade,” he said.

Through precise text and illustrative graphics, Kiernan points to key drivers in the agricultural shift in China, such as the country’s economic growth, its gross domestic product per capita, the increasing urbanization of its people, and the substantial change in the average rural Chinese resident’s diet from primarily carbohydrate-based, vegetable and cereal grain diets to diets richer in animal proteins and vegetable fats, due in part to rising incomes. Read the article here.

“China’s Impact on Global Agriculture” was excerpted from the in-depth research paper entitled “Bringing Transparency to the Chinese Oilseed Processing Sector,” one of the examples of multi-client studies conducted by the company’s consulting group.

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