Call to end Pak-India trust deficit

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Call to end Pak-India trust deficit
Call to end Pak-India trust deficit

LAHORE: THERE is dire need of ending trust deficit between Pak-India while the newly elected PML-N government must take necessary steps to improve bilateral trade while Pakistan is beneficiary of trade with India but Pakistani agriculture and pharmaceutical sectors should be protected as well.

These views were expressed by discussants in Jang Economic Session on ‘Newly Elected Government – Indo-Pak Trade Relations – Expectations and Reservation’, here on Wednesday.

The panellists were Sikandar M Khan, Prof Dr Muhammad Shoaib, Aysha Hamid, Irfan Qaiser Sheikh, Mirza Imtiaz and Jameel Naz while co-hosted by Sikandar Hameed Lodhi and Intikhab Tariq.

Sikandar Khan said the PML-N is in better position to take decisions and negotiate with India. He said Pak-India has announced formation of committees on bilateral trade issues and agro-based industry people must be included in them to end their reservations.

He said India was focusing on Central Asian States and wanted to get corridor from Pakistan. He said Pakistan could not export its product to India until India removed non-tariff barrier in letter and spirit. He believed that Pakistan did not complete homework on trade with India.

Dr Muhammad Shoaib said Pakistan’s survival is in export of trained manpower. He said India keeps its identity in international market with information and technology Microsoft like giant are investing in India. He suggested establishing Bangalore type free and secure IT city and invite Indian experts to train Pakistani students without any visa restriction for IT city. He said Pakistani students can prove their abilities in the world.

Aysha Hamid said Pakistan should not take hasty decision on trade with India while Pakistan was not bound to give MFN status to India.

She said the MFN status should not be limited to India while it should also promote regional trade with other neighbouring countries like Afghanistan, Russia, Sri Lanka and others.

She said India wanted access to Central Asian States on the pretext of trade with Pakistan. She said the new government should focus on regional peace and play its vital role to achieve it.

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said trade with India is most favourable for Pakistan. He said India has 40 percent middle class population and Pakistan can sell their product in its markets and import cheap petro-chemicals and machinery at 40 percent less rate from current import price level. He said India can also use Pakistani seaports for exports as it costs heavily to export from Mumbai seaport.

Mirza Imtiaz said Nawaz Sharif announced to visit India after winning election while Indian government welcomed his statement which was a good omen for both countries people. He said newly elected government must protect agriculture sector. He said joint business councils have started homework while pharmaceutical sector reservations should also be removed.

Jameel Naz said India’s behaviour was not trustworthy. He said India was facing 191 cases on WTO violation and creating troubles for Pakistan water issue.  The NEWS

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