SENASICA Reports No Further Bird Flu Cases

MEXICO – Surveillance work has discovered no new cases of bird flu in Puebla, the Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA) revealed at a council of poultry industry organisations.
The amount of birds slaughtered to

Bird Flu Cases
Bird Flu Cases

control the disease remains at 55,000 bird slaughters, according to the National Food, Quality, Safety and Health Service (SENASICA), who are responsible for culling infected birds.
Past avian influenza controls were evaluated the meeting. The National Poultry Association President, Jorge Cadena Romero said all relevant groups must pool resources and discuss how to eradicate the disease from the country.
Vaccination as a removal method was discussed and Enrique Sanchez Cruz, Chief Director of SENASICA said a vaccine development fund had already been granted. He invited producer spokesmen to propose ideas for the creation of a further contingency fund.
Financial backing is vital, said Mr Sanchez Cruz: “Poultry farmers need support in such disease eventualities and with monetary help available farmers will be encouraged to report bird flu outbreaks promptly, preventing the rate of disease spread.”Courtesy : ThePoultry Site Published: Zarai Media Team

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