Sugar sector sees new govt to stabilise export policy

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sugar Sector in Pakistan
Sugar Sector in Pakistan

LAHORE – The Pakistan Sugar Mills Association has appreciated the PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif over his overwhelming victory in the elections 2013 in centre as well as in Punjab, hoping the new government will work for increasing exports particularly of sugar, which has great potential in the country.

The PSMA Punjab chairman Riaz Qadeer Butt expressed the hope that the new government to announce a complete and permanent mechanism for sugar export by fixing a limit.

“We hope after assuming charge the newly-elected government will make sincere efforts to resolve economic challenges faced by the country, bring economic reforms, resolve energy crisis and maintain law and order,” he said.

He expressed his hope that being a businessman and a matured politician Nawaz Sharif and his team would take immediate and proactive measures to usher country’s economy on track of development by finding permanent solutions to the core issues like energy, unemployment, inflation and poverty alleviation.

“Whenever the sugar production surpasses a particular limit, necessary for local needs, the sugar mills should export surplus stock without waiting for permission of government,” Riaz Qadeer Butt observed.

He said that the long-term policies and permanent mechanism for sugar export will allow the millers to enhance their expertise and endeavour for foreign market, besides producing surplus sugar to earn precious foreign exchange,” Butt stated. Riaz Qadeer Butt said that our exporters have to take extra time to export their stock as the govt had lifted ban after a long time.

As they are not aware of world market norms and clientage chain they have to take more time to seek information for marketing of their products. He blamed the government for inconsistent policies, which confused the millers as well as the exporters to decide its production target and export strategies.

He said that Pakistan can repay two installments of IMF loan worth about $0.5 billion by exporting just 1 million tons of sugar sector, as after consumption, 1.7 million tons of white sweetener will be surplus during the season.

He said that PML-N would be successful in developing peaceful and business friendly environment in the country and restore the image of a country as a secured destination for trade and investment. The NATION

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