Agriculture 2013: Early Career Scientists WANTED!

06 Jun 2013

Agriculture Research
Agriculture Research

The Science Forum forms part of the ISPC activities aimed at `Mobilising Science’, which aims to bring together scientists from within the CGIAR to partner and exchange information with leading scientists external to the CGIAR.

New partnerships are an essential part of the new CGIAR. The ISPC recognises that these partnerships need to involve not only leading scientists and specialists in the topic area of nutrition, health and agriculture, but also provide an opportunity for early-career scientists to participate in the discussion on innovative and forward-looking approaches.

Often it is difficult for early-career scientists to find an opportunity to participate in scientific meetings, or highlight their areas of interest and research, in addition to finding funding for travel and attendance. To encourage and recognize their contribution, the Forum will support some selected early career scientists to attend the Forum, and will include a session targeted at early-career scientists. The Forum will also provide an opportunity for early career scientists to engage and discuss with senior experts their research ideas and innovative partnerships.

Early career scientists interested in participating in this workshop are asked to submit abstracts for areas of research at the interface of agriculture with nutrition and health. Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel for inclusion, and notification will be sent by end of May. Successful applicants will be awarded funding to enable them to participate in the Science Forum, including the special session on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th September. Source YPARD If you have questions, please contact: Mail To

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