Gas loadshedding in hot season beyond comprehension: APTPMA

May 06, 2013

textile-industry-aptmaDue to increase of gas demand in winter season, its load shedding is somehow sensible, but in hot season, its load shedding for value-added, export-oriented and labour-intensive textile processing industry for up to four days in a week is not understandable. In these critical conditions, how is it possible to run the industry and increase the day-to-day dwindling trend of exports? How will it be possible for labourers to meet their daily home expenses?

Talking to newsmen, Ajmal Farooq, Central Chairman, All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA) said that the value-added textile industry is not in a position to survive in international market; how will caretaker govt run governmental regime till the establishment of next govt after coming election. How will political parties and independent candidates fulfil their commitments, which are now promising and assuring a brighter future in their election campaigns, he added.

Ajmal Farooq mentioned that it is right time now both politically and managerially for the caretaker govt to exempt the value-added textile industry from gas and electricity load shedding forthwith.

Chairman APTPMA has said that in spite of clear change in weather, the gas supply for the textile processing industry in Punjab is available only for three days in a week, and even this spell of three-day-a-week supply is not trustable, because it has been viewed that during these days some time we are constrained to stop our running machines due to low gas pressure. To some extent, if the issue of supply of gas is solved then 8 to 10 hours a day electricity load shedding happens as perdition for the industry. In these conditions, why the responsible authorities are not thinking that how will it be possible to fulfil the export orders timely. He said that the value-added textile industry, which is considered as backbone for the economy of the country, has built a status in international market after struggles of so many decades, which is now in severe danger. He said when a labourer, who is backbone for the industry, gets only twelve days wage in a month, then how will he manage his home, how will he make it possible to educate his children, how will he save his children from diseases which happen due to this adulterated atmosphere. It is the responsibility of the present govt to think seriously on these sides of human-being from every angle. He said that, if both the wheels, ie, employer and employee succumbed to this crisis, then neither they will stand up again on their feet and nor it will be easy for the leaders to run the govt.

Chairman APTPMA has appealed to the Prime Minister and the concerned authorities that uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity to the value-added textile processing industry is ensured for all days of the week. Source Business Recorder

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