Agriculture Tourism – An Innovative Business

April 28, 2013
by imhemani

Agri-Tourism – An Innovative Business
Agri-Tourism – An Innovative Business

Farmers are the backbone of any agricultural country. If Farmers are becoming strong economically that means all the sectors and industries of the country will grow and will be more strengthen and there business will flourish definitely. But the question is how farmers will be prosperous and how we can strengthen their hands financially in the situation where prices of every raw material is increasing dramatically and farmers are not getting the profit which they usually expect in the past years. In this era of economical crises, it is very difficult for farmers to get more business so we need to give some innovative business plans which can actually give farmers a good Return on Investment.
If we talk about the farmers in Pakistan they are mostly small and marginal so definitely  they cannot invest huge amount of money in any project or business plan, so they need something which have a less investment and they can get good profit out of it. Agri-Tourism  is the best answer to this problem because  farmer’s investment is not that huge and you can earn good amount of money which you can use for different purposes like to purchase standard and certified raw materials so that you can get more yield at last.
Agri-tourism is not a new concept but farmers did not think seriously about it but after financial crises and to attain sustainability in agriculture, farmers are now seriously thinking to start agri-tourism and people in Pakistan also started this and they are getting huge appreciation and a very good response as well. Tariq Tanveer of Qadir Bux Farms and Tofiq Pasha have taken initiative to start agri-tourism In Pakistan.
Agri-Tourism, as its name suggests that it is a blend of agriculture and tourism where people come to visit farms and experience the true nature!

  • Pick their own food
  • Make overnight stays
  • Plan their weddings on farm
  • Agriculture Festivals
  • Farmers Market
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • School visits
  • Tractor rides etc.

But Farmers who provide the services of agri-tourism on their farms should be highly interactive and should have the ability to transfer the knowledge to the visitors so they can build their interest in agriculture so that they can come to your farm again.
Now check some survey reports of this innovative business and check whether farmers are getting profit with agri-tourism or not.

Total Expenditure by visitors to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, by
category, 1998

Expenditure type

% of groups in sample

Estimated total groups

Average expenditure per group

Estimated total expenditure

in dollars

Food & Drinks





Overnight lodging





Recreation activities





Gasoline & auto related





Groceries, toiletries, etc.





Other Expenditures





Total Expenditure


* The figures in columns 3 and 5 result from projecting visitor group expenditure data from the sample to the estimated total of 200,000 people of 53,028 groups that visited The Flower Fields.

Source: San Diego County Agricultural Tourism & Direct Marketing Survey, 1998.

Let’s check out the survey report of University of California about Agri-Tourism.

This means that Agri-tourism surely enhances your farm income and if you are focused and innovative then you can earn a good profit and you can also become a prosperous farmer too. To start agri-tourism, farmers usually face these two big problems

Marketing and Advertising

Skilled Labor

And for South Asian countries third issue is providing Eco Friendly Environment. We can overcome these issues step by step. Obviously if we know that we can earn a lot of money by this tourism then we definitely invest a little on skilled labor as well and for the same reason we will make our farm according to Eco standards so that more and more visitors can come and enjoy. Now the issue of Marketing and Advertising, it is a bit costly if you want to make your own website but for the start up you can use social media which is very effective nowadays and when you start getting the business you can invest on website making and designing as well!

Mind sets of people are now changing and they are now fed up with our unnatural way of lives and they actually want to experience the true nature and actually want to come out from this noisy world and want Peace. People now like to eat fresh food and want to relax and enjoy with their families. Now public can experience all of these things in a package of Agri-Tourism!

Published: Zarai Media Team

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