EU recession hits Pakistani seafood exports to China, other states

April 30, 2013


Fisheries demand in the 27-nation
Fisheries demand in the 27-nation

The EU economic recession continues to stall fisheries demand in the 27-nation bloc, which is indirectly scaling down Pakistan seafood export to China and other key countries, exporters said on Monday. “China imports cuttlefish and squid from Pakistan and some other countries that reprocess the seafood to export to European countries,” said CEO, Akhlaq Enterprise (Pvt) Ltd, Akhlaq Hussain Abedi.

Pakistan seafood export has grown 15 percent in term of volume but registered an increase of just over 4 percent in terms of value, which exporters termed the “least” financial return to the national economy. “The recession hit Chinese cuttlefish and squid export to the EU which made to reduce the seafood import from Pakistan,” said Akhlaq Abedi, adding that the country’s export could not make a bit profit despite exporting huge fisheries items to world markets.

Pakistan made an export of 103,822 metric tonnes during July-March period of 2012-13 of the current fiscal year as compared to the commodity’s export of 90,087 metric tonnes made during the same period last fiscal year, showing a rise of 15 percent or 13,735 metric tonnes, data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed.

The country’s seafood export during the same period went up by over 4 percent or $9.784 to $232.395 million as compared to the commodity export of 222.611 million, the PBS suggested. Akhlaq Abedi said value of fish products in international market reduced because of the EU recession but appeal for shrimp however witnessed a sizeable rise. “Wild shrimp which Pakistan produces a quality one is receiving a good response from world consumers,” he said.

He said Indian aquaculture produced shrimp has grown a disease which hit its global demand but helped Pakistan capitalize on the soaring demand. He said the rate of fish products have however gone down significantly at present as a result of Pakistan’s reduced fish export.

“In Europe Spain and Greece are the most affected countries from the recession where cuttlefish and squid were largely valued for its taste,” he said, adding that the fish is priced at $1 per kg this year. He also attributed the growth in shrimp and fish export in terms of volume to fishermen, who he said, are now more aware of fishing techniques and seafood preservation in boats for a longer period.

He, however, criticised Pakistan’s fisheries development board for doing nothing to promote seafood export through aquaculture as India has done. “The board should extend subsidies to fisheries farming sector and help them develop their businesses,” he demanded. He was of the considered view that the country’s fisheries sector lacked key facilities which let it go down and brought its export growth to a permanent stagnation. He said the aquaculture development will only ensure the country to increase its seafood export. Source Business Recorder


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