Indian mango exports get underway

Indian Mango Exports
Indian Mango Exports

The mango season for SS Exports in India started a month ago, Mr Viji, Export Manager at the company said the growing season in Tamil Nadu has been good, and he expects to export around 1,000kg of mangoes.

The main varieties are Alphonso and Banganpalli and they will be exported to wholesalers in Europe. He said that the demand on the Indian domestic market has remained unchanged.

The mangoes weigh between 250 to 450 gr and are packed in 2kg, 5kg or 6 pieces, 12 pieces, as per requirement of the client and can be shipped via air or sea. They are sold under the SS Mangoes brand.

The company also export a range of fruit and vegetables.

Publication date: 4/23/2013
Author: Nichola Watson

World Agriculture News,

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Published: Zarai Media Team

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