APTMA seeks uninterrupted gas, power supplies

April 17, 2013

textile-industry-aptmaSpokesman of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has urged the government for uninterrupted electricity supply and five days a week gas supply to the textile industry in order to enable it to achieve export target of $13 billion for current fiscal year.

The exemption available to the industry was withdrawn on the assurance that it would be restored within a week. However, this assurance has not been met by the Ministry of Water and Power. Meanwhile, the gas supply is also very limited so far and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has not resumed five days a week gas supply with lowering down of domestic demand.

It may be noted that President Asif Zardari had exempted textile industry from electricity load shedding on independent feeders that brought positive results so far as growth of textile industry is concerned. But the caretaker set-up withdrew this exemption without prior notice that has crippled smooth functioning of textile industry in Punjab. At present, the textile industry is operating short of one shift leaving 33 percent of 10 million labourers is affected in Punjab.

Similarly, it is not understandable that why the government is not resuming five days a week gas supply to textile mills in Punjab when the mercury has improved and the domestic demand on space heating and water heating is over. Since there is no domestic pressure on the SNGPL network, therefore, the government should immediately resume five days a week gas supply to textile industry in Punjab. Already, the industry had faced gas load shedding for almost 161 days during the current financial year.

The industry exports had rebounded impressively with exemption from electricity load shedding and registered a growth of 8 percent until March 2013, which is likely to drop sharply in the absence of energy supply, both gas and electricity to the industry. Spokesman APTMA has urged Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso to direct the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Water and Power to intervene, ensuring uninterrupted supply of energy, particularly in Punjab, on war footing basis to strengthen country’s employment, exports and investment. Source Business Recorder


Published: Zarai Media Team

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