Govt urged to negotiate with USDA for mango export to US

April 14, 2013

Mango export to US
Mango export to US

LAHORE: The Ministry of Commerce must intervene and contribute its role for the export of Pakistani mangoes to US market this summer, which is halted since the last two years depriving Pakistan of a handsome foreign exchange.

USA is the largest import of mangoes in the world and Pakistan must take benefit out from this opportunity. The US Department of Agriculture approved the quality of Pakistani mangoes for export in 2010, but till date export couldn’t entertain in bulk volumes due to some technical and costing issues.

The ministry must take a solid initiative to resolve this matter before the mango season, said Harvest Tradings Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Jawad. “A directive must be issued to Embassy of Pakistan in Washington to sort out the matter for Pakistani mangoes with USDA and APHIS officials in two months time so that US mango lovers could be entertained with the taste of our mangoes in a cost effective way.”

As Pakistan has been working for a long time to tap into the American market with its high quality mangoes. The conditions and requirements set for Pakistani mango exports to the US have made it a costly matter; he remarked.

Till date mango importers in the US are concerned about the financial feasibility of selling Pakistani mangoes as due to high prices they may not be able to clinch much of a market except for the niche die-hard Pakistani mango fans. Pakistani Mangoes.  Source Daily Times


Published: Zarai Media Team

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