PTC contributes millions of rupees to Punjab economy

April 13, 2013

Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC)
Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC)

Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) on Friday announced that it contributed millions of rupees last year to economy of the Punjab province through purchase of tobacco from the farmers. The company also contributed in creation of jobs. In farming sector, it helped to create 1,338 jobs directly and 427 benefited through indirect employment in this area.

According to figures, around 5,792 persons were supported by activities of PTC in the farming sector as well. The tobacco is an important cash crop of the province and it produces around 20 per cent of Pakistan’s entire crop. The tobacco crop figures indicate that it is cultivated at 17,786 hectares of the province and the total volume stands around 23,424 tons having a cash value of Rs 1.7 billion.

Of the total production of tobacco in Punjab, PTC purchases approximately ten percent that comes around 2,750 tons. On investment side, company invested Rs 500 million in Punjab on a pilot project of in-house curing of tobacco leaf. It aims at improving curing quality by using economies of scale.

PTC is working closely with Pakistan Tobacco Board and the Government of Punjab to continuously upgrade and modernise the supply chain around cultivation and curing of tobacco crop. To help farmers improve quality and yield of all crop including tobacco, the company pioneered to setup one of the best extension program for farmers that has also contributed to the modernisation, development and growth of the agriculture sector. Source  Associated Press of Pakistan

Published: Zarai Media Team

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