Satellite monitoring of crops: PC mulling initiating Rs one billion project

April 12, 2013

satellite monitoring of crops
satellite monitoring of crops

The government is mulling to initiate Rs 1 billion satellite monitoring of crops project to acquire accurate assessment of production of agriculture sector, an official of the Planning Commission said on Thursday. He said that the project to be funded by China was designed to strengthen the capability of Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco).

According to the official, Suparco has assessed wheat production for the current fiscal year 26.3 million tones, which is at variance with the provincial estimates of around 24 million tones. The implantation of the project would enhance capacity of Suparco to monitor both major and minor crops. The government would have an accurate picture of the agriculture sector performance which currently seems to be reported significantly less than actual performance, added the official.

He said that Suparco had started challenging the crops data provided by the crop assessment committees of the provincial agriculture departments. “At present Suparco is releasing monthly forecast of the crops based on its satellite monitoring,” he added. The official said that the apparent discrepancy in actual production was reported, which was a matter of concern for the Planning Commission because of its impact on economy. He also cited an example that sugarcane production in Sindh few years was reported by the provincial agriculture department at 13 million tones, whereas crushing reported by the sugar mills was higher than the production. Source Business Recorder


Published: Zarai Media Team

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