Organic gardening

April 12th, 2013

By Aneela Ch

Organic gardening
Organic gardening

The art of carrying out gardening activities without any help of artificial and harmful fertilizers is Organic gardening. It’s a way to encourage nature to take care of all activities and problems, in short simply n truly natural.

Such garden provides people and their children with safe and healthy chemical free environment to enjoy, sit, relax and play. It’s a habitat and environment friendly way, also important for the survival of plant friendly insects and birds etc who helps plants for pollination and eat harmful insects. The core concept is to work and grow healthy plants in a sustainable environment with minimum interference in ecosystem.

Soil is the basic foundation for any garden, so, prepare land with good care because healthier your soil is, fewer problems strive to your garden. For best results, land should be well drained and well aerated with at-least 6 hrs of sun light.

Check your land Ph level and do proper treatment if required. Ph scale ranges from 0 – 14 and 7 is neutral value. On Ph scale, number less than 7 indicate acidity while value greater than 7 shows alkalinity. The closer your soil’s Ph to normal value the lesser your garden tend to diseases.

Prepare land with compost, it is the best fertilizer for your soil, which improves its texture and attracts soil organism that create nutrients in the soil. Compost can easily be made out of kitchen waste, such as vegetables & fruit peels, lawn clippings, egg shells even rotten dinner can be a good addition. You just dig a hole near your kitchen so you can easily dump things in it and make it ready within few days.

Make beds for vegetables and design different areas interestingly and make sure that every area will be within your hand’s range so you can easily perform all gardening activities without disturbing any plant.

Also, add a water feature in your garden so birds and wildlife will get attracted by its sound. Reserve a special place for birds to have food; they actually in return, pray for your garden.

If possible, use mulching sheet for few vegetables like tomato, strawberries etc. Provide support to vines to make them tidy and ease your handling.

Try to grow those plants that attract friendly insects such as sun flowers and sweet peas etc, these insects will be your pest control force.

Avoid plant repetition. Crop rotation is the best technique to gain better results from garden.

Inspect your plants every after few days to avoid insect activities, if you notice any harmful insects, than first try to hand pick and drop them in soapy water bucket or burry them at far from your garden or choose organic measures to deal with garden problems. Neem, garlic, chewing tobacco or red chili water can give you hand.

You can invite your friends for garden parties, so they can appreciate and inspired from your lovely organic garden.




Aneela Ch

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