Kitchen Gardening

April 12th, 2013

By Aneela Ch

Kitchen Gardening
Kitchen Gardening

What else could be more joyful when your hobby becomes a good source of health for your family and friends. Just a little care and love for nature can provide healthy, hygienic and tasteful vegetables and fruits. Above all, they are within your range and you can have them in abundance.

In the era of inflation with limited financial resources, kitchen gardening is actually a great help to kitchen budget also an economical source to have essential nutrients required for human body.

Plus point is, it doesn’t require much space to grow, even plant pots, plastic bowls, tubs, fruit crates can fulfill the propose. Just place them anywhere, where they can get 6 hours of sun light. Windows, terrace, verandas, and roof tops can serve this purpose. Even front and back lawns or any limited space within your premises allows you to grow them properly in beds and rows. If you are planning to use a nearby space then few neighbors can look after them; it can be a good activity for elderly people and children.

If you are planning to use land than prepare it properly by using organic matters, first check and treat the soil Ph to minimize gardening problems. Ph is a scale by which soil’s alkalinity and acidity is measured.  Prepare land with well rotten FYM (Farm yard manure) and leave manure, then form rows or beds and plant different vegetables within your hands range so plants can be checked regularly and easily.

Soil preparation for plant pots etc:

Slit soil (2 parts) + FYM (1 part) + leave manure (1 part)

Mix them well and clear all debars.

Then, fill all plant pots with this mixture of soil but first place a piece of broken pot in the bottom to make them well drained. Drill holes in plastic pots for the drainage purpose.

Extra water should not remain in pots as it will harden the soil surface and will block seeds or plant growth.

Plant seeds or seedling by proper spacing and in reasonable quantity and, irrigate them according to season and requirement. After that dust all pots with coconut husk or leave manure as it will help them to retain moisture and give plant proper support if needed.

In Pakistan, vegetables are divided into two seasons in terms of plantation. Off season vegetables can also be grown in tunnels.

Summer vegetables: (required temperature:  10c – 35c)

Cultivation time: Mid Feb to March (plain areas), March to May (northern areas) these vegetables cannot resist frost and its roots reaches the depth of 1’ to 1 ½’

Egg plant, tomato, capsicum, chilies, squishes, cucumber, lady finger etc, are the examples.

Winter vegetables: (required temperature: 2c – 21c)

Cultivation time: right after monsoon and can resist frost and its roots reaches the depth of 9” to 1’

Salads, cauliflower, sagg, mathi, carrot, turnips, radishes, icebergs, broccoli etc, are the examples.



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